Welcome to the Faith Safety Network

It’s with much excitement that I announce the launch of the Faith Safety Network (FSN).  This unique, nonprofit collaborative has been in the works for many months, being built by an experienced slate of contributors, safety experts, and board members.  Our shared goal is to serve the entire Colorado faith community that contributes so much to our state.

FSN seeks to be a go-to source for free, valuable safety and security information for churches and other houses of worship.  Whether your place of worship is starting a safety or security team, or interested in upgrading an existing program, we are ready to help with pertinent and practical website content.

Our plan is to update the website, designed to be user friendly – no log in is required.  We will also be sending out periodic FSN Updates regarding events and training, as well as safety tips.  To receive these updates, you will need to sign up on the website.

We hope that you will find the information on FSN’s website useful.  We very much welcome your candid feedback on the content, and solicit your requests to address specific topics and issues.  We recognize that there are many experts in the faith safety arena and hope to incorporate their wealth of knowledge and experience going forward.

Another unique feature of FSN will be its Alert System, which will provide to members, time-sensitive and relevant information about incidents and suspicious activity occurring at religious institutions in Colorado.  Instead of a general threat reminder with little value, FSN Alerts will provide specific first-hand information observed by member institutions.  Past alerts by other local safety coalitions has led to the arrest of several criminals who were targeting area churches and helped thwart other incidents.  We hope that an expanded, state-wide Alert network will be more beneficial with ever-increasing threats to the faith community.

We also realize that not every church has the funding to hire a security expert to review their needs or implement a program.  That is a key reason we created FSN’s website to be a free resource.  However, to continue to provide original, cutting-edge information, we hope for support (both financial and in-kind) from the Colorado faith community.  FSN is currently an all-volunteer nonprofit with a very low overhead.

Our heart is to help foster safer places of worship in Colorado that others may worship in peace.


Dave Smith

Executive Director

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Faith Safety Network

  • I just logged in to do my weekly threat assessment for our church and saw this email…..how timely! We established our Life Safety Team at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church on 1 March 2015 and the ministry has been growing steadily ever since then. With New Life Church just down the road from us, we knew the threat was real, yet it still took us 8 years to do something about it. Regardless, we are up and running and moving ever forward to improve our ministry and the safety of our parishioners. We receive periodic NOIs (Notices of Interest) from the FBI and Faith-Based Coalition, and I just started my own process for accomplishing weekly threat assessments, but I am anxious to dive into your program to see how it can augment and strengthen our current system. God Bless You for your efforts in this very important church safety area!

    Brian Livie
    Deputy Director
    OLP Life Safety Team

    • Thanks Brian,
      we appreciate your feedback and congratulate you and your church for taking important steps to protect your congregation. We hope that this website will offer you additional resources to enhance what you are doing and keep your efforts up to date.

  • Thank you so much for setting up this vital network. This information is becoming more essential on a daily basis.
    We at Black Forest Tactical Supply stand ready to assist Faith-based organizations with knowledge and products.
    Due to our extensive backgrounds in faith-based security we began a locally-owned and operated, brick and mortar small business with one of our primary objectives to outfit teams of all size serving, usually on a volunteer basis.
    Thanks again for this encouraging and informational forum.

  • Do you have any plans on adding a member’s only section where information concerning suspicious persons etc can be exchanged? Training and events are great but if aren’t planning on the dissemination of information you are missing a very large piece of the puzzle. Since we are a private organization(s) we are not bound by 28CFR Part 23 (https://goo.gl/tfUyPx).

    I would like to know if any other congregations have put any type of database together to track intel received from outside and inside of their congregations. We are talking about rolling our own Intel application and database in order to track the information we are receiving and generating internally so that our Security team members can be kept abreast to the happenings on and around our church.

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