Training Resources

This guide is designed to help law enforcement and religious institutions conduct training on safety and security in their local communities.  

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5 De-Escalation Techniques

These techniques are meant to be an added tool to consider when dealing with crisis.

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Protecting Your Religious Institution

This information was presented by the Anti-Defamation League at the Protecting Houses of Worship event in Arvada, Colorado. The PDF contains information about the rise of attacks on houses of worship and what can be done to lower the risk of becoming a target.   Ι Click Here for PDF Ι


Making Prevention A Reality

This presentation was created by the FBI for an Active Shooter Training Class. The information provided covers five main areas of concern: awareness, identification, assessment, management and threat assessment teams.  

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Faith-Based Safety Team

This unclassified presentation was created by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for an FBI Active Shooter Training Class on the strategies of creating a security team. This covers concepts such as trainings, insurance companies and budgets. 

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Red Cross: Save a Life

This presentation was presented at the Safety and Security Summit covering first-aid and emergency medical treatments. Topics covered include: active shooter guidance, bleeding Control skills training, hands-only CPR skills training and disaster behavioral health.

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Cover, Concealment and Consequences

Larry McVay, a retired FBI agent and FSN Board Member, highlights the need for situational awareness of cover and concealment when engaging an active threat.

Written by Larry McVay. Click here for PDF