New Alert Programs for Arapahoe County

The age of technology is changing the way we connect with law enforcement,
and while that is nothing new, you may be unaware of a new initiative spearheaded by
Arapahoe County. ArapAlert is a new portal that allows community members to
subscribe to an emergency mailing list called CodeRED Community Notification
System. This allows law enforcement to email subscribers about important and critical
information ranging from severe weather reports, police activities, and missing persons.
Instead of waiting for news from your local news channel, information is sent directly to
you. It is the ideal reverse 911. The new program allows for agencies to call, text, or
email multiple individuals and/or businesses to warn them of dangerous suspects,
floods, chemical spills, or fires.
ArapAlert pulls contact information from two different sources: landlines, listed
and unlisted, and Comcast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP*) numbers. If you have a
bundled internet/phone/ television service, you probably have a VoIP line. If you have
neither a VoIP nor a landline, you can freely opt into the service.
Through the app, you can also specify any locations that you frequent in
Arapahoe County. Specializing your office, child’s school or even favorite coffee shop,
you will be alerted about any emergency activities that occurs within the vicinity of the
specialized location.
ArapAlert works with any CodeRED account. If you already have one for another
city, programing Arapahoe County should be relatively easy. Below is the official site
that can answer any other questions and concerns.
If you’re outside of Arapahoe County, fingers crossed that it’ll make its way
toward you.

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