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As we have recently witnessed, houses of worship present unique and often vulnerable venues for acts of violence.  Churches, among other institutions, are not off limits to those who would commit crimes or other menacing acts.  Some perpetrators intentionally target these venues with the thought they present easy targets.

To counter this threat, FSN Alerts will provide timely reporting of incidents and suspicious activity at religious institutions that may pose a threat to other religious institutions in Colorado.  FSN members will be provided timely and relevant information about these incidents via email.  Members will also be able to share with FSN information about suspicious or criminal activity that has occurred at their facilities.  FSN’s Alert System will be coordinated with law-enforcement agencies to enhance its effectiveness.

The FSN Alert System seeks to build on the success of existing local faith coalition alerts by expanding the number of participating institutions across Colorado.

There is no cost to join.  Please sign up below to receive FSN Alerts. 


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