FSN Alert System Updates

Since the launch of Faith Safety Network’s website last December, we have been working to implement FSN’s Alert System. We wanted to update you on our progress. We are operational. Fortunately, there has not been a need to send out an alert, but we are prepared to do so should the need arise. FSN Alerts are designed to provide timely, pertinent information about incidents or suspicious activity that has occurred at a church or other religious venue in Colorado. Information provided to us will be vetted and shared with appropriate law enforcement entities prior to it being disseminated to the FSN Alert member list. We have met with key law-enforcement officials about the FSN Alert System and have received encouraging support and feedback. We will also be receiving information from law enforcement that, when appropriate, will be disseminated through an FSN Alert.

The effectiveness of FSN Alerts depends, in a large part, on member partners reporting suspicious, concerning, or criminal activity to FSN. Please share this with other faith groups’ safety and security leadership who may be interested in joining FSN’s Alert System.


Please report the following types of information to FSN for review:

  • crimes, whether against a person or property
  • suspicious activity, such as unwelcome visitors who appear to be engaged in inappropriate or suspicious activity
  • individuals trying to gain inappropriate access to children’s programs, including those who have been denied access due having the status of a registered sex offender
  • persons who disrupt a worship service or otherwise interfere with the activities of a house of worship or make threats against leadership or the institution
  • other concerning behavior or activities that appear to be out-of-place
Photos and/surveillance footage of individuals involved in these activities are critical, as is the license plate numbers of vehicles. (Remember, anyone entering onto your facility’s property may be photographed/videoed given its public nature.)
When in doubt, please err on the side of reporting an incident or concerning behavior.
Promptly send reports to: info@faithsafetycolorado.org
We will treat all reports confidentially and not disclose the identities of those reporting the information.
We appreciate your assistance in our goal of protecting houses of worship. For more information about FSN, please visit our website: www.faithsafetycolorado.org
Thank you,
Dave Smith
Executive Director
Faith Safety Network


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