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If willing, your input would be appreciated as our church considers the topic of allowing concealed carry of firearms on church premises (beyond security team members). You don’t need to reference yourself or your church by name, but we’re interested in how churches have come down on the question of whether to allow or prohibit firearms concealed carry on premises.

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Our church allows any attender with a conceal carry permit to bring it into services as long as it is fully concealed and we ask members, as a courtesy to our safety team, to check in at the security counter and let us know that they have one in their possession. A couple of years ago we actually created a policy statement about this and ran it by our insurance company. So far, there hasn’t been any issues.
Your question about how many churches have asked about this is a fairly common one and I can’t say how many are considering this for their congregation but there are some steps any house of worship should take before embarking down this road; legal considerations, liability and insurance coverage, ability to monitor and control, etc…