About Faith Safety Network

The Faith Safety Network was founded to be a free resource of security and safety information to the Colorado faith community.  Safety in houses of worship has taken on greater urgency with the increasing level of threats to the faith community in recent years.  The threats run the gamut from random physical assaults to ideologically driven mass murder at religious venues around the country.  What’s more, the faith community is not immune from the increase in violence in society overall.

In the face of this threat many faith institutions, particularly smaller ones, simply lack the knowledge of how to respond to this daunting challenge.  With scarce resources and absent some expertise, often the topic of safety gets pushed to the bottom of the agenda, only to be forgotten until the next tragedy.  FSN seeks to fill this void and simplify faith safety.

Our objective is to serve the broader faith community by making essential safety information readily accessible.  For the faith leader or volunteer who Googles the topic faith safety, the plethora of items is virtually impossible to navigate.  Even if an institution’s finances permit hiring a security consultant, which one? 

Our hope is that FSN will provide easily accessible and simple-to-use resources for member faith institutions seeking to stand up a safety program.  For those congregations with existing, and even robust programs, FSN’s goal will be to help step that program up to the next level.

With a broad network of member religious institutions, subject-matter experts, working along side local law enforcement, FSN can also provide timely alerts of incidents and threats of interest to the faith community.   It is readily apparent that faith-based venues are being targeted by individuals who view these locations as prime targets of opportunity.  We also hope that FSN will provide a valuable platform for members to share information, best practices, and resources among the faith community.

Finally, our goal is to serve the faith community in a way that meets real needs with practical, plug-and-play resources accessible on an easy-to-navigate website.   To do so, we very much encourage and welcome your feedback as we strive—together—to create a safer faith community in Colorado.

Our Mission

To address the growing threat of violence at houses of worship, the Faith Safety Network was founded in 2017 to serve the Colorado faith community with free, practical, and readily accessible resources to promote safety and security at these vulnerable venues.  Open to all religious institutions, FSN seeks to be a source of pertinent, time-critical alerts, as well as an accessible information-sharing platform of best safety practices and expert counsel to its members.


Yes.  We will not add you to the list to receive alerts about incidents and potential threats to Colorado churches. 

No.  We will not share information provided by members with any third-parties.  Information provided about security-related threats and incidents to religious institutions will be handled in an appropriate manner consistent with the protection of member institutions.

FSN’s goal is to make safety and security-related information user-friendly, accessible, and practical.  There are some good – and not so good – sources of this information on the web.  Our team of veteran, safety experts has collected and vetted the best information and packaged it in a format that is simple for someone with no security background to use.  FSN is comprised of experts and volunteers who are on the front-lines of faith security on a daily basis.  We know what is needed and what is not.  (And, we’ve spared you of the later.).

FSN is an all-volunteer nonprofit.  FSN was founded to serve the faith community with free resources knowing that many religious institutions have limited budgets and expertise.  We are hopeful that FSN will be supported financially as its value to the community becomes apparent.

No.  We rely on volunteers, and, to a limited extent, independent contractors.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

FSN relies upon donations from individuals and other nonprofit organizations.  Currently FSN is in need of financial support for its website and monthly administrative expenses.

Not at this time.  FSN will be seeking to gain recognition as a nonprofit under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

No.  Our model is to be a free service to the faith community.

FSN seeks to serve the entire faith community regardless of religious viewpoint.  Safety and security is a matter that transcends religious doctrine.   Membership in FSN, however, is not automatic but subject to review by the FSN membership committee on a case-by-case basis.